xxx September 15, 2014

La Goulue

September 15, 2014


Unknown French photographer. La Goulue. Circa 1920-9. Ink, paper, albumen print, silver print on postcard. 5.51 x 3.54 in. Wheaton College Permanent Collection in Norton, Mass.

By Nadine Biss ’13 With the advent of the Industrial Age in the 19th century came many new media innovations, including photography, postcards, and other processes of mass communication. The combination of photography and industrial production made images ubiquitous within the public sphere. Mass-produced images—especially postcards —helped contribute to the construction of celebrity in the […]

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Piranesi Etches a Portal to Another Time

January 9, 2012


Figure 1. Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Arco di Druso a Porta S. Sebastilano in Roma, Plate VII

By Emily Swalec ’14 Arco di Druso a Porta S. Sebastilano in Roma, Plate VII is an eighteenth-century etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi [Figure 1].  The print depicts an ancient arch flanked by a wall to the left and a shed and large structure with an open door on the right. Several figures can be seen […]

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Kollwitz and the Powerful Peasant

December 25, 2011


Figure 2.  Kaethe Kollwitz Whetting the Sycthe, 1905. Sprengel Museum Hannover.

By Oona Laurie ’13 Since the 14th century intaglio printing processes have allowed artists to innovate and experiment with different techniques through the flexible nature of the process. Numerous artists have experimented with the different qualities of intaglio prints, but few have been truly innovative in creating their own combination of techniques.  German artist Käthe […]

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